Genre Rules, Plots, Science Fiction

Genre Police! Outline of a SciFi Action Movie

  1. Establish the hero’s skills and prowess in a dramatic scene, unrelated or foreshadowing of climactic danger
  2. “Prophet” character (aka genius) makes a significant achievement and discovers imminent danger, during which the Prophet’s assistant or other supporting hero is killed facing the villain/disaster
  3. Discover the hero’s weakness and/or personal strife, introduce loved ones, i.e. what they have to lose
  4. Prophet issues an unheeded warning about the imminent danger
  5. Innocent people, typically including hero’s loved ones, enter into perilous area or situation
  6. 1ST DISASTER STRIKE: Hero enters the fray
  7. Hero discovers loved one is in danger and so begins the Journey to rescue them
  8. Prophet issues second warning (which will be crucial), and/or Genius provides invaluable aid
  9. 2ND DISASTER STRIKE: More deadly and perilous
  10. Danger recedes and yet hero’s loved one is still in peril or is lost until hero saves them
  11. Happily ever after includes accolades for the Prophet and reconciliation for the hero’s initial problem/flaw

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