Regency Romance, Romance, Tropes

Trope Sighting! Heroine on Horseback

When the hero sees, often first meets, the heroine on what he assumes is a runaway horse, but upon closer discovery or interference, discovers she is an adept horsewoman, which he finds very attractive.

FEMINIST THEME: The heroine who does not ride side-saddle and/or has better horsemanship than a man!

TYPICAL GENRES: Regency Romance, Historical Romance

EXAMPLE: Shattered Dreams by Laura Landon

Horses are Sex Symbols

One of the most common sex symbols of the animal kingdom, horses are used synonymous or as devices in developing sexual relationships and sexual tension in romance novels. See also Cowboy and Western novels.

A heroine mastering a seemingly runaway horse, particularly a spirited stallion, foreshadows/alludes to her potential in the bedroom and her ability to slake and satisfy her randy hero’s lust.

Similarly, a heroine may lose control of her horse if her relationship is in jeopardy. (See The Untames Heiress by Julia Justiss)

Image Source: Wellcome Images, Wikimedia Commons

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