Idea Prompts

Scene IDEA – In which your character does something you never would

Imagine a character much like you, but who does or has done something you never would in real life

BONUS POINTS: Add another character based on someone you’re close to

I wrote a scene with me and my sister, in which I’ve cheated on my fiance, and I try to defend my actions


“What do you mean you aren’t going to tell Jeremy?”   The flush that made my ears hot draped down my neck.  Staring up at my sister, I sat huddled into the corner of the couch with my legs bent and my feet on the cushion.  My fist was jammed into my chin and the three diamonds of my engagement ring stabbed into the soft flesh under my jaw.  I was choking on it, that ring.

Chelsea pouted, her lips shiny and glittery with a coat of gloss.  “Well I changed my mind.”

“What the fuck…you changed your mind…why?” I untucked my fist from under my chin and rubbed my thumb across the faceted imprint left by the ring.

“It isn’t my place.”  She said it so sweetly, saintly as she sat down next to me.  My younger sister was taller than me by a good six inches and was skinnier, but I had a prettier face; we both knew it.

“Damn straight it isn’t.”

“Don’t be such a bitch!”  Her voice, huskier than mine, sounded sour when she yelled in a high pitch. “I’m doing you a favor, because I’m your sister, by keeping your dirty secret, by not telling your fiancé.”

“Oh yeah, you’re doing me a fucking favor!” I dug my fingernails into the coarse upholstery of the armrest.  “You think that by not telling him you’re doing the noble thing. I think  you realized you’d look like a tattle-tail. If you keep your mouth shut, you’ll just glare at me all the time, self-righteous.”

“I’m not telling him because you should tell him.  Do the right thing for once in your life.”

“The right thing for once in my life!  Oh my fucking God!”  I was going to fissure and break, throw myself across the couch and strangle her!  “You have no idea about anything!  Think Jeremy is Mr. Perfect?  Think Jeremy loves me?  What a fucking load of bullshit!  He’s as uptight and heartless as you.  You know what he said to me just last night?  He agrees with you about everything about me.  He called me a whore…” And then I began to cry,  “He called me a slut…”  Jeremy had called me that several times before, when I’d tried to voice preferences in bed, but I didn’t tell my sister that now—why should I confess fucking anything?  It wouldn’t make any fucking difference, Chelsea still thought I was a piece of shit.  And yeah, I cheated, so that did make me a piece of shit.

Chelsea reached out to put her hand on my shoulder.  “Don’t fucking touch me!” I yelled and heard the annoying wheeze of my sister’s sob.  “What the fuck are you crying for?”


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