How to be an Extroverted Writer

I struggle to write alone in my apartment. (My attention-piglet of a cat doesn’t help.) I know many people who need to shut the rest of the world out to focus, but I write best when I’m around other people.

Two years ago I moved to a new city, where I didn’t know a soul. After the first year of isolation, my New Year’s resolution in 2016 was to put myself out there, so I forced myself to get involved. Now, I am blessed with may wonderful, talented writing friends.

Here are some suggestions for writing “socially”

  1. Join a writing critique group, which I particularly recommend for the benefits you’ll see in your craft and your productivity.
  2. No writing group near you? START one. Don’t worry about having expertise or credentials. I created a group when I was a freshman in high school and have no lasting emotional scars. See if your area has a book club, to start.
  3. Host local write-meets every week, in which you invite other writers in your area to join you at a set location on a regular basis. If you’re part of a writing critique group, you already have a pool of people to invite.
  4. Write in coffee shops and libraries A LOT, where you’ll be surrounded by people, but won’t really have to acknowledge them.
  5. Find several writing buddies, who won’t mind hanging out with you for hours without really talking. Bring wine, though, or pizza.
  6. Volunteer at libraries and literary centers if you want to find more socially engaged book types. Participating in events will do your community good, not to mention you’ll get literary and creative stimulation.
  7. Partner up with a video gamer, provided you wouldn’t be distracted, you can write while they battle trolls or create Minecraft masterpieces.
  8. Skype a friend while you write at home if you can’t find someone in your area to hang out with. Video chat with a long-distance friend in the corner of your screen, even if they’ve got their own work, are cooking, or doing yoga.

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