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Excerpt from His Huntress


She did not have to wait long before he appeared. The large dapple-coated male was drawn to the tracks of the doe and her fawn. . . . He followed their tracks into the trees, and she went to follow him when his scent struck her.

Her haunches quivered, and she just barely stopped herself from howling.

She had to be mistaken. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled and exhaled. His scent was primal and rich, thick in the back of her throat like molasses. He was her mate.

She whimpered, low. She froze, worried that he had heard, but his proud ears didn’t so much as twitch. He followed the deer tracks out of her sight, and though every instinct in her demanded that she go after him, she let him disappear.

He couldn’t be hers. He was to marry Antonia in a matter of hours!

Again, Dusty only just quelled the howl straining to get out of her chest. She couldn’t have him.

Ebook available on Amazon and B&N. Published by Evernight Publishing.


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