About Renni



Since before I can remember, I wrote poetry. I like to think that my obsession with word choice and the sound of language makes me a careful fiction writer today.

At 5 years old, I told everyone I was going to be an editor, specifically of books.

Playing with dolls, my hero fell in love with the heroine, who usually had one or more villains after her. Sometimes the hero wasn’t much of a good guy and enacted dark BDSM love scenes with the heroine. Because that’s a normal thing for a kid to do.

The oldest of four, I invented stories, assigning my siblings characters and plot premises.

My favorite book was A Little Princess because Sara Crewe was a story teller. People admired ther though they thought her odd, and when she faced adversity, she didn’t cry.

Wandering unsupervised in the library, I found the adult fantasy section and read books with explicit content.

At 11 years old, I wrote my first story, and within the first paragraph, I knew that I was meant to write fiction. The story featured a heroine who knew Latin (which I researched), who became stranded on an island of cannibals (not very PC), and was pursued by a man named Hunter who was obsessively in love with her.

In middle school, I read ARCs for the librarians and gave informal reviews.

In eighth grade, I endured the ultimate misery of middle school yearbook staff so I could learn InDesign while the popular girls took pictures of their friends.

In high school, I started a writing group. We self-published two novellas, the first a pre-Twilight vampire romance parody and the second a historical fiction about the Black Plague.

At 18 years old, I got the 2nd Gen Kindle and read my first erotic romance. Two more Kindles and thousands of books later…

I went to Knox College for it’s stellar Creative Writing program. I worked on the award-winning literary magazine, Catch, for three years. My senior year, I ran the magazine as Editor-in-Chief.

After college I attended the Denver Publishing Institute.

In my career, I’ve since worked as a compositor at a university press, a production editor for an educational publisher, and now I’m an Associate Manager for Penguin Random House in NYC.

At 25 years old, my novella His Huntress was released by Evernight Publishing.