Trope Denied! NOT Running from an Arranged Marriage

When the heroine is forced to marry an anti-hero, but instead of hatching an elaborate but doomed escape plan, she recognizes running is not an option


Trope Sighting! Vampires and Telepathy

When the hero and heroine DON'T have a telepathic relationship exactly... Reversing or confounding mental invasion in vampire romances indicates significant change to the archetype. In monster theory, one of the vampire's greatest weapons is the ability to penetrate personal sanctums/the mind. Also note that the telepathic abilities are a burden to the possessor, causing … Continue reading Trope Sighting! Vampires and Telepathy

Trope Sighting! Search for an Heiress, Finding a Penniless Maid

When the hero or heroine's financial motivations for marriage (in Regency romance) nearly destroy their chance at true love His Profit Motive: the hero is in dire financial straights (rarely of his making) and needs to marry an heiress, and almost marries the wrong woman or forsakes the woman he loves Ex: The Untamed Heiress … Continue reading Trope Sighting! Search for an Heiress, Finding a Penniless Maid

Trope Sighting! Widowed (but turns out not really)

When a hero/heroine's friend, who has been mourning their dead partner/mate/etc., discovers they've been alive all this time! *Cue the sequel* TYPICAL GENRE: I think I've seen this most in Vampire or other immortal creature paranormal romance series EXAMPLE: Hidden due to spoilers, Sequel Reasons for the Mysterious Disappearance has a greater purpose/destiny/responsibility they must … Continue reading Trope Sighting! Widowed (but turns out not really)