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Trope Sighting! The Hero’s Dead Lover

When the hero's former lover/mate/wife died, making him leery of falling in love with the heroine. He doesn't want to suffer the pangs of love and/or loss and/or betrayal again.

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Trope Sighting! Competition for the Heroine’s affections at the (in)opportune moment

3 Types of Rivals for the heroine's affections who make their move when the hero and heroine's relationship has hit a rough patch and the hero's reaction when he comes onto the scene

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Respect Romance

The Romance and Respect event at Strand Bookstore featured a panel of five authors of contemporary and historical romance. They discussed the (lack of) respect for their work and the genre. However, for seasoned authors, the past few years has seen more open acknowledgment and polite interest in a genre that has hitherto dominated trade fiction in ignominy. Questions covered negative attitudes toward romance, writing practices, and the future of the genre.

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Genre Police! Heroes that are too many tropes

When a writer creates a hero that's too many things, she has to fill the reader's expectations for that hero, plot-wise and romance-wise. Juggling too many and fitting them all in one book is difficult—though not impossible—and makes the story and the hero seem over the top.