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5 Movie Villains Who Could Be Romance Heroes, with a little TLC

Sometimes a bad guy has more appeal than the hero, especially if the so-called villain is as ruthless in his pursuit of the heroine as he is in achieving the rest of his goals. Here are fivescience fiction and fantasy movie villains whose characters could become enthralling romance heroes, given some moral fiber.

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Retelling Romance: for Meaning or Marketing?

Romance canon, such as Romeo and Juliet or Beauty and the Beast, are used as inspiration because of the stories' integral depictions of love. They are allegories or "formulas" that our culture has almost unanimously but silently agreed on.

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Dragon Heroes … are from Mars?

Dragons in fiction have evolved in the way of vampires, supernatural villains that once threatened and preyed upon maidens have become the heroes of paranormal romance. While a fantasy realm might seem like a draconian hero's natural habitat, there's an abundance of shapeshifting dragon aliens. What's up with that?

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Respect Romance

The Romance and Respect event at Strand Bookstore featured a panel of five authors of contemporary and historical romance. They discussed the (lack of) respect for their work and the genre. However, for seasoned authors, the past few years has seen more open acknowledgment and polite interest in a genre that has hitherto dominated trade fiction in ignominy. Questions covered negative attitudes toward romance, writing practices, and the future of the genre.