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Trope Sighting! Competition for the Heroine’s affections at the (in)opportune moment

3 Types of Rivals for the heroine's affections who make their move when the hero and heroine's relationship has hit a rough patch and the hero's reaction when he comes onto the scene

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BDSM Aftercare in Romances and IRL

Aftercare in BDSM Romances seem to emphasize medical care way more than I've seen IRL. Particularly when the Dom applies antiseptic and lotion to welts on the sub. Aftercare interactions I've seen consist far more of cuddling, soft-spoken words, caressing, and fetching water. Is this conscientious logic from writers, acknowledgment to the criers who would… Continue reading BDSM Aftercare in Romances and IRL

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Insta-Possessive Billionaire Romances

See the list on Goodreads I've been reading a lot of romances lately, featuring super possessive billionaire heroes. (Warning: Some of these guys exhibit stalker-like behavior. They use their monetary resources to both protect the heroine and keep her close.) Trust Series by Kristin Mayer Everything for Her by Alexa Riley Trinity Trilogy by Audrey… Continue reading Insta-Possessive Billionaire Romances

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Archetype Sighting! The New Fairy Godmother in Modern Romance Novels

Why do so many heroines in romance novels have a female friend who is better dressed or has stand-out style? These supportive fashionista friends push the heroine’s boundaries, provide encouragement, polish her beauty, and gift her with clothing—serving as archetypal fairy godmothers.