New Erotic Vocabulary! malleate

malleate, verb Original definition: to beat or shape with a hammer Adapted use: as a less crude alternative to "hammer" or "pound" As a bonus, this word has a pleasant rhythm and sound When writing explicit content, how do we bridge the gap between crude/pornographic language and flowery euphemisms? I like some dirty talk, but … Continue reading New Erotic Vocabulary! malleate

Forum on Publishing: Author, Agent, Editor

Tonight I attended a Forum on Publishing, featuring author Emily Fridlund, her agent Nicole Aragi and editor Elisabeth Schmitz for her book History of Wolves. They talked through the very traditional process of her novel being acquired by agent and then by a publisher. While the editor and agent work strictly in literary fiction, which … Continue reading Forum on Publishing: Author, Agent, Editor

Genre Police! Relying on Genre Terms in Werewolf Romance

Bless their hearts, whatever they were thinking, including all the guys with the next "Great American Novel," they didn't laugh. And damn it, the number of people who read the genre gives the concept validity. Explaining the concepts to those unfamiliar with the genre, standing up for them, has made me take a harder look at the common core of paranormal romance.

Storytelling in Math Class

When I was in grade school, I used to imagine that the numbers had personalities and relationships—which made solving equations more fun. The function, addition, subtraction, etc., indicated what kind of action one number was taking against another. 5 was in love with 4, who loved him back. 7 was a bitch who wanted 5 … Continue reading Storytelling in Math Class