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Retelling Romance: for Meaning or Marketing?

Romance canon, such as Romeo and Juliet or Beauty and the Beast, are used as inspiration because of the stories' integral depictions of love. They are allegories or "formulas" that our culture has almost unanimously but silently agreed on.

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Writing the Love Scene after a Break-up

I was so determined to write that scene then, the day of his departure, to prove I wasn't too overwrought. I wanted it to be a symbolic, ironic act, affirming that hadn't been the right relationship anyway

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New Erotic Vocabulary! malleate

malleate, verb Original definition: to beat or shape with a hammer Adapted use: as a less crude alternative to "hammer" or "pound" As a bonus, this word has a pleasant rhythm and sound When writing explicit content, how do we bridge the gap between crude/pornographic language and flowery euphemisms? I like some dirty talk, but… Continue reading New Erotic Vocabulary! malleate