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Archetypes for Boys’ Club Romance Series

When a whole romance series is dedicated to a group of men introduced in the first book, in which the first guy fell. Here are the archetypes that feature in romance series dedicated to a group of men, with notes on the typical heroines and plotlines of their respective books.


Gift Idea: Survival Kit for the Artist with a “Real” Job

For a work Secret Santa, I put together a "gift set" with the theme of an artist who has a real job—as many of my coworkers are creatives who are practically employed. mini artist's notebook art sticky notes 7-year pen Designer Pricelist mini-poster mini bottles of liquor I typed out the following message to go… Continue reading Gift Idea: Survival Kit for the Artist with a “Real” Job

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Respect Romance

The Romance and Respect event at Strand Bookstore featured a panel of five authors of contemporary and historical romance. They discussed the (lack of) respect for their work and the genre. However, for seasoned authors, the past few years has seen more open acknowledgment and polite interest in a genre that has hitherto dominated trade fiction in ignominy. Questions covered negative attitudes toward romance, writing practices, and the future of the genre.

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Teaser from “Gingerbread and the Fox”

Rurik stopped and stared in awe. The runner was glorious, her breath unfurling though she hardly panted. Wavy red hair, as long as her waist, fluttered around her like a tattered cape, glittering with snow. The color was and radiant against the tundra. She was almost on top of him, but hadn’t spotted him yet,… Continue reading Teaser from “Gingerbread and the Fox”