How to be an Extroverted Writer

I struggle to write alone in my apartment. (My attention-piglet of a cat doesn't help.) I know many people who need to shut the rest of the world out to focus, but I write best when I'm around other people. Here are some suggestions for writing "socially":


Millennials’ Dreams Must Come True to the Letter

We've seen our parents and their peers gamble their zeal and inheritances on a coin toss—the sides are hubris or victory—and we think we've learned better. As children, we screwed our eyelids tight and cast our wishes with footnotes in fine print before blowing out the birthday candles.


My Mother’s Opinion on Me Reading a Romance Novel

My mother made that face when I showed her the book I wanted. We were in a thrift store, and the hardback nearly pristine copy of Katherine Woodiwiss's Everlasting was all of a dollar. I was a young teenager, maybe fourteen. "Fine," she said, in that way that mothers expel the monosyllabic word with bitter… Continue reading My Mother’s Opinion on Me Reading a Romance Novel