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Writer on the Run: Motivation

How the hell do I bring myself to get up early in the morning? How do I keep going when my lungs and legs want to give out? What about when I'd rather read all day?

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Women Who Run Wild, a book list

Recently Published Fiction starring Heroines Who Run Wild Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent Turtle has wandered the woods since the death of her mother, adventuring and isolated until she meets a boy at school who draws her out and makes her realize what a safe and secure life should look like. Bear and the Nightingale… Continue reading Women Who Run Wild, a book list

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Dragon Heroes … are from Mars?

Dragons in fiction have evolved in the way of vampires, supernatural villains that once threatened and preyed upon maidens have become the heroes of paranormal romance. While a fantasy realm might seem like a draconian hero's natural habitat, there's an abundance of shapeshifting dragon aliens. What's up with that?

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Insta-Possessive Billionaire Romances

See the list on Goodreads I've been reading a lot of romances lately, featuring super possessive billionaire heroes. (Warning: Some of these guys exhibit stalker-like behavior. They use their monetary resources to both protect the heroine and keep her close.) Trust Series by Kristin Mayer Everything for Her by Alexa Riley Trinity Trilogy by Audrey… Continue reading Insta-Possessive Billionaire Romances