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5 Movie Villains Who Could Be Romance Heroes, with a little TLC

Sometimes a bad guy has more appeal than the hero, especially if the so-called villain is as ruthless in his pursuit of the heroine as he is in achieving the rest of his goals. Here are fivescience fiction and fantasy movie villains whose characters could become enthralling romance heroes, given some moral fiber.

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Archetype Sighting! SciFi Romance Hero-Heroine Matches

After categorizing the heroes and heroines from 33 science fiction romances, I matched them up to see if any of the archetypes paired up more frequently than others and came up with 6 archetype pairings.


None of My Characters are Friends

The characters that recur to me include dejected daughters, demeaning mothers, distant fathers, rivaling siblings, and so many incarnations of romantic love. These are the personal relationships in which I lack of closure. But in my writing, I have made very few strong or bitter friendships. Perhaps this is not an oversight but an indication… Continue reading None of My Characters are Friends

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Archetype Sighting! The New Fairy Godmother in Modern Romance Novels

Why do so many heroines in romance novels have a female friend who is better dressed or has stand-out style? These supportive fashionista friends push the heroine’s boundaries, provide encouragement, polish her beauty, and gift her with clothing—serving as archetypal fairy godmothers.