Archetype Sighting! Scarred Heroine

Bites, Lashes, Trauma, and Plot Device When the heroine has scars—indicative of a brutal backstory—which she considers disfiguring and the hero assures her are a testament of her strength The violence or abuse that caused the scars will typically interfere in the romantic relationship. At the very least because the heroine thinks she's not good … Continue reading Archetype Sighting! Scarred Heroine

Two-for-One Trope Sighting! Heroine disguised as a male

When the hero unwittingly sleeps in the same room as the heroine in disguise and she watches him get undressed, lusting after him in plain sight When the hero discovers the heroine is female and sees her naked: either this sight is the moment of discovery or occurs nearly simultaneously, but on accident of course … Continue reading Two-for-One Trope Sighting! Heroine disguised as a male

Archetype Sighting! The New Fairy Godmother in Modern Romance Novels

Why do so many heroines in romance novels have a female friend who is better dressed or has stand-out style? These supportive fashionista friends push the heroine’s boundaries, provide encouragement, polish her beauty, and gift her with clothing—serving as archetypal fairy godmothers.