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Trope Sighting! The Hero’s Dead Lover

When the hero's former lover/mate/wife died, making him leery of falling in love with the heroine. He doesn't want to suffer the pangs of love and/or loss and/or betrayal again.

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BDSM Aftercare in Romances and IRL

Aftercare in BDSM Romances seem to emphasize medical care way more than I've seen IRL. Particularly when the Dom applies antiseptic and lotion to welts on the sub. Aftercare interactions I've seen consist far more of cuddling, soft-spoken words, caressing, and fetching water. Is this conscientious logic from writers, acknowledgment to the criers who would… Continue reading BDSM Aftercare in Romances and IRL

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Genre Police! Relying on Genre Terms in Werewolf Romance

Bless their hearts, whatever they were thinking, including all the guys with the next "Great American Novel," they didn't laugh. And damn it, the number of people who read the genre gives the concept validity. Explaining the concepts to those unfamiliar with the genre, standing up for them, has made me take a harder look at the common core of paranormal romance.


My Mother’s Opinion on Me Reading a Romance Novel

My mother made that face when I showed her the book I wanted. We were in a thrift store, and the hardback nearly pristine copy of Katherine Woodiwiss's Everlasting was all of a dollar. I was a young teenager, maybe fourteen. "Fine," she said, in that way that mothers expel the monosyllabic word with bitter… Continue reading My Mother’s Opinion on Me Reading a Romance Novel