Genre Police! SciFi Romance Hero-Heroine Matches

After categorizing the heroes and heroines from 33 science fiction romances, I matched them up to see if any of the archetypes paired up more frequently than others and came up with 6 archetype pairings.


Genre Police! Outline of a SciFi Action Movie

Establish the hero's skills and prowess in a dramatic scene, unrelated or foreshadowing of climactic danger "Prophet" character (aka genius) makes a significant achievement and discovers imminent danger, during which the Prophet's assistant or other supporting hero is killed facing the villain/disaster Discover the hero's weakness and/or personal strife, introduce loved ones, i.e. what they … Continue reading Genre Police! Outline of a SciFi Action Movie

Studying a Novel like it’s a Textbook

Critical Editing Worksheet A novel is a biography on its characters and a historical, geographical, cultural outline of its universe. Is all the necessary information given to the readers? Download a PDF of this Worksheet INSTRUCTIONS While reading, highlight or take notes on the key facts Advanced: Differentiate between world-building facts, setting details, and character … Continue reading Studying a Novel like it’s a Textbook