How Writing is like a Video Game Race

If writing a book (and getting it published) is a video game—think especially of any racing game—there are obstacles, ramps, curves:

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Writer on the Run: Week 1

This book-lover, with her G-cup breasts, have started running. Eek. By god, dear reader, I am not an athlete, and this is not a fitness blog, but I have a few ideas about why I, a sedentary writer and reader, am motivated to run.

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Genre Police! Relying on Genre Terms in Werewolf Romance

Bless their hearts, whatever they were thinking, including all the guys with the next "Great American Novel," they didn't laugh. And damn it, the number of people who read the genre gives the concept validity. Explaining the concepts to those unfamiliar with the genre, standing up for them, has made me take a harder look at the common core of paranormal romance.


Storytelling in Math Class

When I was in grade school, I used to imagine that the numbers had personalities and relationships—which made solving equations more fun. The function, addition, subtraction, etc., indicated what kind of action one number was taking against another. 5 was in love with 4, who loved him back. 7 was a bitch who wanted 5… Continue reading Storytelling in Math Class

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Scene IDEA – In which your character does something you never would

Imagine a character much like you, but who does or has done something you never would in real life BONUS POINTS: Add another character based on someone you're close to I wrote a scene with me and my sister, in which I've cheated on my fiance, and I try to defend my actions Excerpt “What… Continue reading Scene IDEA – In which your character does something you never would


None of My Characters are Friends

The characters that recur to me include dejected daughters, demeaning mothers, distant fathers, rivaling siblings, and so many incarnations of romantic love. These are the personal relationships in which I lack of closure. But in my writing, I have made very few strong or bitter friendships. Perhaps this is not an oversight but an indication… Continue reading None of My Characters are Friends