How Writing is like a Video Game Race

If writing a book (and getting it published) is a video game—think especially of any racing game—there are obstacles, ramps, curves:


Writer on the Run: Can’t Do Attitude

I would rather re-do a run, which I knew I could get through, than get frustrated by attempting a more challenging run and failing ... We’re our own harshest critics, right? Supposedly this means that we constantly strive to improve. However, those perfectionists might also be holding ourselves back.

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Teaser from “Gingerbread and the Fox”

Rurik stopped and stared in awe. The runner was glorious, her breath unfurling though she hardly panted. Wavy red hair, as long as her waist, fluttered around her like a tattered cape, glittering with snow. The color was and radiant against the tundra. She was almost on top of him, but hadn’t spotted him yet,… Continue reading Teaser from “Gingerbread and the Fox”