Work in Progress

Devil Wolf (Working Title)

Urban Fantasy featuring werewolves, fated mates who hate each other at first sight, and hellhounds.

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135,000+ words / 120,000 desired

I’m over my ideal word count, even though I haven’t reached the main climax yet!


For a werewolf, meeting your fated mate is supposed to be one of the best moments in your life. But at first sight, Devin mistakes Ark for the serial rapist and murderer she’s been hired to hunt. Ark, too, mistakes her for the enemy and is horrified by the revelation that she’s feral-made. Everyone knows that humans who were attacked and turned by feral wolves are unstable and need to be put to death. Right?

Ark’s pack and Devin’s team grudgingly work together to destroy the true enemy and his hellhounds—rampaging mutated beasts. Their attraction cannot be denied, and even as their initial hatred melts, a future seems impossible.

Sure, the fact that Devin can bench press more than Ark can is intimidating. Not to mention the tempestuous wolf resists his dominance as alpha, and is always trying to rescue him from danger. But the things he thought he resented about her might be the same reasons he’ll fight to claim her.

But Ark will have to convince Devin to leave her so-called family—who has secrets of their own. He may have to take on his whole pack and its leader, who want to execute her as soon as the hellhounds are destroyed. To have Devin, he’ll risk being mated to someone who might at any moment lose her humanity, go feral, and take him down with her.